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Photo Gallery | A Look Inside the Kitchen at Firefly


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Health district officials say nearly 90 people have reported symptoms after an outbreak of salmonella at one of Las Vegas' most popular restaurants.

Officials with the Southern Nevada Health District said Thursday that at least 86 people reported getting sick after eating at the Firefly restaurant on Paradise Road, up from the 39 reported earlier this week. Authorities say at least 12 were hospitalized.

The restaurant was shuttered Friday and remains closed while health officials investigate the source.

An inspection Friday counted 44 demerits, including food stored at improper temperatures and employees handling food without gloves.

Salmonella can come from contaminated food and can be transmitted through poor hygiene.

Firefly owner John Simmons said the restaurant is pleased the investigation is moving forward and is eager to make things right.

You can read the Southern Nevada Health District's full report on the problems found in Firefly's kitchen here. Details describing many of the scenes show in these pictures can be found in the report.