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Rising Football Player
Rising Football Player

By Diana Bustamante

Chaparral High School

I had the privilege to interview James Bubba Dukes. He’s been recognized by a couple football coaches due to his amazing skills.  He was told that if he practiced hard enough, he could possibly make it into the National Football League.

Q: How many football scouts have you had visit you?

A: I’ve had four.

Q: Any specific college you want to attend?

A: The college I want to go to is Ohio State.

Q: Why football?

A: I love football with all of my heart!

Q: What’s your best football average? (Tackles, touchdowns, etc.)

A: One time, I made 17 tackles in one game.

Q: Why do you think the football team got as far as it did this year?

A: We’ve been practicing really hard and because they had me on the team. 

Hopefully in a few years Bubba will be able to live out his football dream. I look forward to watching him play for Ohio State, maybe even in the NFL.