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Why Nevada's COVID test-positivity rate has dropped over the last month |

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Why Nevada's COVID test-positivity rate has dropped over the last month

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) - Nevada's COVID-19 test-positivity rate, the number of positive tests compared to overall screenings, has fallen dramatically over the last month, due to a number of different factors.

The test-positivity rate in Nevada has dropped from 16.3 percent one month ago to 11.5 percent Tuesday. That typically means fewer people are spreading COVID-19 without knowing they are infected.

Dr. Christina Madison of Roseman University credits mass efforts for testing and vaccine distribution.

"I think the number one reason is we have implemented these public health measures that are so effective," said Dr. Madison.

She says increased safety measures lead to fewer cases overall.

"We are also seeing more people testing as we see more facilities," said Dr. Madison. "More businesses are requiring testing for people to come back to work safely."

Madison said we should continue to push for vaccine requirements.

"We saw with the implementation of Allegiant Stadium requiring vaccinations, you saw 18,000 people cancel their tickets," Dr. Madison pointed out.

Despite the improving numbers, Nevada health officials say the transmission is still too high for Clark County to end mask mandates. Madison said she hopes we get back to around the 3 percent test-positivity rate we saw in June.

"I am very hopeful that we will continue to get those rates down and back to where we were," said Madison