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Photo Gallery | Blind Center Works to Process 'E-Waste'

A hot topic at ths year's Consumer Electronics Show is the emerging e-waste industry: the safe and green disposal of used electronics.

The federal government is one of the largest technology consumers and is concerned about where its own e-waste winds up when it's time to trade it in.

People may be surprised to learn that the Blind Center of Nevada handles the majority of federal electronic waste locally.

Martha Johnson, the President's administrator of general services, came to town Thursday to tour the e-waste recycling facility, which uses profits to serve sight-impaired clients.

Johnson says while big e-waste companies are setting up business, it's a new enough market that many responsible solutions can be explored.

“E-waste awareness is so critical and I'm so shocked when I cross the country and find people who don't even know what I'm talking about when I say ‘e-waste,’” Johnson said. “The industry is emerging and there are many ways of doing this, and I think if we put all our money on one model, we will be jeopardizing our options down the road.”

Johnson appeared very impressed with the Blind Center's recycling facility, where half the staff is sight-challenged. She complimented the center for filling a viable community need and using the profits to service its clients.

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