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New Style of Crosswalk Signal Launching on Sahara | Transportation

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New Style of Crosswalk Signal Launching on Sahara
New Style of Crosswalk Signal Launching on Sahara

Valley transit officials hope a new style of crosswalk signal will help more drivers stop for pedestrians.

The valley’s first High-Intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) signal is scheduled to be activated on at 10 a.m., Tuesday on Sahara Avenue near 15th Street. The HAWK signal is intended to help minimize the distance between signalized pedestrian crossings in that area of the corridor.

The signal for motorists is suspended above the road and it consists of two round red side-by-side lenses, above a single yellow lens. Unlike an ordinary traffic signal, the HAWK signal only lights when activated by a pedestrian who wishes to cross.

The signal first flashes yellow, then displays a steady yellow, and finally a steady red over a period of several seconds. The pedestrian signals at either end of the crosswalk display the upraised hand (don’t walk) signal until the HAWK signal displays the steady red signal. At that time, the pedestrian signals display the walking-person (walk) indication.

Officials say research has shown that motorists’ compliance with a HAWK signal is up to 97 percent higher than with a traditional, un-signalized crossing. This signal will be linked with other traffic signals along the corridor by the RTC’s FAST division in order to maintain coordinated operations.

The signal was installed as part of the RTC’s Sahara Express rapid transit project along the corridor, which is scheduled to launch in May 2012.

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