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Neighbors express safety concerns after triple shooting | News

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Neighbors express safety concerns after triple shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Family and friends are remembering two victims of shooting that lost their lives Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened near Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road and when it was over Lakeitha Thomas, 26, Legatha Ball, 28, and Michael Jerome Latimore Jr., 27, were all dead in the apparent murder-suicide.

Neighbors say this kind of violence is not uncommon for their neighborhood.

The triple shooting happened in broad daylight Sunday afternoon as children in the neighborhood played.

Initially, neighbors feared gang violence.

"I'm thinking they did a drive-by so I'm trying to stand back making sure no one comes through with the guns," said Chucky, a neighbor who doesn't want his last name used.

It turned out to be a domestic dispute that turned deadly, police say.

Neighbors say the two women were sisters and one of them was dating Latimore. Why he shot the women and then turned the gun on himself remains a mystery.

"It disturbs the community because we have a lot of kids who play out here like everyday," said Sean Ivy, a neighbor. "A lot of kids in each courtyard."

About 24 hours after the incident, it was quiet where the shootings took place.

"If the neighbors and residents here feel this is socially acceptable. They feel this is normal," said Pastor Troy Martinez. "Our message is this is not normal. That it shouldn't happen." 

Ive and some other neighbors equipped themselves with cameras  and recorded the aftermath of the double shooting. He says he fears for his family.

"My friends are moving," he said. "They are trying to get out of here." 

"I have plans of moving," said Amethyst Tyman, a neighbor. "I don't want my child around this."

Metro Police are addressing the concerns about violence in the neighborhood. They are using opportunities like a Monday night vigil to meet with the community. They also plan to talk with witnesses and children who saw the shooting and counsel them.