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Surveillance at local businesses helped police catch alleged killer | News

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Surveillance at local businesses helped police catch alleged killer

LAS VEGAS -- The arrest report for Jerry Howard, a man accused of a killing a woman on Jan. 2, was released by Metro Police Thursday. 

The 24-year-old was arrested Wednesday for the brutal murder of 54-year-old Kathy Shines, police said. Officers said Howard beat, raped and stabbed Shines before disposing of her body into a dumpster behind a bar in the 3300 block of S. Nellis Blvd.

Local businesses in the area supplied Metro with the surveillance video they needed to crack the case.

“I still have nightmares. I can't sleep. I had to watch it multiple times,” said Mickey Tenney, a business owner in the area.

It was on surveillance video where police said they saw what they described as the “brutal and vicious” events of that night. The arrest report said you could see Howard attacking Shines from behind as she was collecting cans out of the dumpster.

Twenty minutes later, those same cameras showed him walking away. However, Shines wasn't dead. Police said surveillance video showed her crawling out of the dumpster before she died.

Howard's father was one of his loved ones who turned him into the authorities. He blames the drugs for his son's alleged actions.

"It's the drugs, or whatever else he was on. That wasn't my son,” Howard said.

Investigators said when they went to the apartment where Howard was staying, they found the red book bag, which was similar to the one seen on the suspect in the video.

Two pairs of underwear were among the many items found inside of the bag. According to the report, when Howard was being transported to Clark County Detention Center after his arrest Wednesday, he initially denied it was him in the video, but later said he stabbed Shines, ripped her clothes off, dragged her behind a dumpster and then threw her body in the dumpster and took some of her clothing from the scene.

Tenny, who has a total of 32 cameras installed inside and outside of his business said he was glad he could help in getting Howard off the streets.

"Surveillance video is the best thing we can do. We can't have eyes everywhere. The cameras are always watching,” Tenny said.

The charges Jerry Howard face consist of murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery. Howard is being held at the Clark County Detention Center.

He's due in court for his initial appearance Friday morning.

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