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Concert ticket scam caught on camera | News

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Concert ticket scam caught on camera

LAS VEGAS -- Headliners from around the world stop in Las Vegas, and many times, those concert tickets don't come cheap.

One man thought he would save a few bucks when he found a deal on Craiglist for two Bruno Mars tickets, but he found out the tickets he bought were fakes.

However, he recorded the whole transaction and hopes it will help police nab the scammer.

The tickets looked so real the victim is concerned others could get scammed.

Greg was visiting from Los Angeles and thought he got the deal of the year. The tickets were $1,100 for two. He thought he was buying from a Las Vegas mom.

"She gave me a great story that these were her daughter's tickets and her daughter had gotten in trouble, so she was selling them," Greg said.

The tickets came from Craigslist, a website known to have scammers, but Greg felt these tickets looked and felt legitimate enough to pay for.

"They looked authentic. They were in a Bruno Mars Cosmopolitan Ticketmaster envelope," Greg said.

The man in the video recorded by Greg claimed to be the seller's husband. He counts out $1,100 in cash while Greg examines the tickets.

"All right, have fun!” the fake seller said.

"Thank you very much! I'm sorry your daughter couldn't make it,” Greg replied.

However, these tickets were fakes. Greg says they went through a few rounds of Cosmopolitan concert security but the barcode wouldn't scan.

"Every emotion goes through you. I was shocked. I was angry. I was mad. I was sick. I was embarrassed,” Greg said.

"If it seems too good to be true, it typically is," Metro Police Officer Larry Hadfield said.

Metro Police are investigating Greg's case. They say buying from websites like Craigslist is dangerous.

“There are no reassurances you will get what you're looking for,” Ofc. Hadfield said.

Police say the venues themselves are responsible for uncovering fake tickets. Officers wouldn't say if they are seeing more concert ticket fraud but Greg says Cosmopolitan security told him otherwise.

“'We see this happen once or twice a night. It happens at almost every concert. This is now an epidemic where people are getting counterfeit tickets,'" Greg said.

Greg is now out that money and never saw the concert

"What was supposed to be a fun night out in Vegas was a nightmare," Greg said.

He is now working alongside detectives to identify the man and hoping others don't fall victim.

Officers are now asking for people to come forward if they've been scammed by the man in the video, click here for Metro's fraud reporting website.

Man caught on camera selling tickets