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Metro Police work to keep property crime down | News

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Metro Police work to keep property crime down

LAS VEGAS -- October is national Crime Prevention Month, so Metro Police said they want to make sure people in the valley take the proper steps to protect their loved ones and personal property.

Police said some people unintentionally leave themselves vulnerable to becoming victims of crime. They said home burglaries and car burglaries are consistent problems, especially in the northwest valley.

One way to help protect yourself against it is by making sure your doors and windows are locked at all times, according to Metro Police. They also said make sure gates are properly secured.

A metro crime prevention specialist said it's important to scan your home from the outside in, in an effort to make sure criminals can't get in.

Metro said a cohesive neighborhood is another way of protecting against property crime. They said neighbors that band together can help each other keep property crimes down.

Police said when they compared property crime numbers in areas with and without neighborhood watch groups, there was a significant difference. In the study, the neighborhood watch groups were very effective.

“Neighborhood watch is one of the most proven long lasting crime prevention tools that are in the country. The reason that it works is because neighborhood watch is dependent upon people who live in a small geographic area to be alert and aware of each other and of things that are suspicious, said Kathy Perkins, Metro Police.

Metro Police said they have also started using Alert ID to crack down on crime. Alert ID is a social networking app that provides crime alerts based on your neighborhood.

Another social networking site being used locally is Nextdoor. It's used to help neighbors communicate with each other.