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Nevada's poverty rate, median income improve | News

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Nevada's poverty rate, median income improve

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada had an average percentage of residents living in poverty last year compared to other states, an improvement from 2012 when the state's poverty rate was slightly above average, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

The state's estimated median household income also rose at a much higher rate in 2013 than was true nationally.

The bureau said 433,576 Nevadans lived below poverty in 2013 when the state's poverty rate stood at 15.8 percent, same as the national average.

In 2012 the state had 446,840 residents living in poverty and had a poverty rate of 16.4 percent, compared to 15.9 percent nationally.

Poverty thresholds in 2013 averaged $11,888 a year for individuals, $15,142 for couples and $23,834 for families of four.

Last year 7.1 percent of Nevadans were at least 50 percent below the poverty threshold, 8.7 percent were at 50 to 99.9 percent of the threshold, and 5.4 percent were between 100 and 124.9 percent of the threshold. Those figures compared to national averages of 7 percent, 8.8 and 4.8 percent respectively.

A separate Census Bureau release Thursday reported that Nevada's estimated median household income rose 1.8 percent to $51,230 in 2013 from $50,343 in 2012. Estimated median household income nationally increased from $51,915 in 2012 to $52,250 last year for a six-tenths of 1 percent increase, one-third the pace of Nevada's income growth in 2013.