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Firefly on Paradise Opens New Location | News

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Firefly on Paradise Opens New Location
Firefly on Paradise Opens New Location

The new Firefly on Paradise officially opened its doors Friday afternoon.

The doors on a new location opened just two days after the Southern Nevada Health District announced it had traced the outbreak of salmonella at the restaurant's previous location to cooked chorizo.

The new location is just down the street from the old one. The owner says it was his plan all along to open this new location, well before the sickness outbreak.

It is bigger than the old one and it has passed all its safety inspections and the health district says it can open.

The old location was shut down a month ago after the health district found it was the center of the largest salmonella outbreak in at least a decade in southern Nevada.

Health inspectors found more than 40 health and safety violations, including food items not kept at the correct temperature and employees not handling the food properly.

Nearly 300 people from 27 states and two countries reported symptoms like fainting, vomiting and stomach pains. Some people are still recovering from the salmonella outbreak.

The owner has gone through numerous inspections at the new location. The owner also hired a food safety expert, and they have a new internal food handling training program that all the employees have gone through.