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Rock & Roll Marathon Expo at Sands Convention Center

A day before the Rock N' Roll Marathon, runners from all over the world are checking out the latest I athletic technology.

For two days the Sands Expo and Convention Center has been packed with booths to show off everything from energy drinks to athletic tape like Spider Tech.

"I have a torn meniscus so these nice men have volunteered to tape my leg," said Stephanie Witowski.

Saturday, Stephanie stood in line for nearly an hour to try out the product, but she said she didn't mind and loves the idea of a night marathon in Las Vegas.

"I think it's just the whole innovative dynamic and all the fun people and everyone is dressed in costumes, such as Elvis and you have everyone dressed up in all glamorous clothes," said Stephanie.

From the East Coast to closer to home, Eric Ang made the trip from California and has his own reasons to run Sunday,

"I'm doing it because I was over weight and it's a good way to relieve stress," said Ang.

Sunday, he will be one of the thousands running the entire 26 mile stretch.

Saturday, he and his friends checked out cool products.

Jody Velasco, with Zip Fizz said the crowds are big this year.

"We've seen a ton of people. This is one of the biggest expositions we've been at. We do all the Rock N' Rolls. Las Vegas is always one of the biggest. It's really neat to see the run at night," said Velasco.

Zip Fizz and many more products are focused on keeping runners in top shape and pumped up for the big event.