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Police K-9 recovering after suspect allegedly stabbed him |

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Police K-9 recovering after suspect allegedly stabbed him

A police dog is recovering at an animal hospital after being stabbed in the head multiple times.

Metro Police's K-9, Nicky, was hurt when he was assisting an officer during a standoff situation near E. Desert Inn and S. Maryland Parkway Friday morning.

The standoff with the suspect started Thursday night and lasted until late Friday morning. Residents in the neighborhood were even forced from their homes.

Sunny Louthi was one of the neighbors who called police after hearing a commotion in her apartment complex near Desert Inn and Maryland Parkway.

"We're hearing somebody yell, 'help, help me,' you know what i mean," said Louthi? "He yelled it a few times."

When officers arrived at the apartment complex shortly before nine Thursday night, Metro said they found a broken window in the unit in question.

Police said the suspect inside refused to comply with the officer's demand, so nearby residents were asked to evacuate.

Displaced residents were allowed inside a nearby school, but some slept in their cars while others sat and waited on the sidewalk.

"We only have our clothes on our back, so we just want to get back in our place," said Louthi. "All of us missed work."

"We've been up cause you can't sleep when something like this is going on," said Kyle Matthews, a resident in the area of the standoff. "I'm tired. I was fresh off of work when it first happened, and I didn't get any sleep."

After 12 hours of failed negotiations with the suspect, Nicky was brought in as a last-ditch effort to capture the suspect and end the standoff.

Police said Nicky was wounded while taking down the suspect.

"The suspect was bitten numerous times, and the K-9 dog was stabbed by the suspect numerous times about the head," said Jesse Roybal, Metro Police.

The k-9 officer's injuries were serious, so Nicky was rushed to an animal hospital where he underwent surgery. The suspect was taken into custody.

Neighbors were shocked by the events that unfolded.

"I am sorry he stabbed the dog, but honestly, he didn't seem that way but you never know with people," Louthi said.

The suspect's name wasn't released, but it is a felony to injure a police dog, so he's sure to face charges.