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Tenants worry about safety after car damages apartment building; residents have been without staircase since Sunday |

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Tenants worry about safety after car damages apartment building; residents have been without staircase since Sunday

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The spotlight is on a Las Vegas apartment complex this evening where residents say they have been without stairs since Sunday. The building is at Washington Avenue and Sagman Street, next to Cashman Center.  

A car crashed into the building that morning tearing off the stairs.  

People living at this apartment complex are worried about going upstairs. The stairs have been missing since Sunday, and now, people are using a ladder to go upstairs.  

 It was early Sunday morning when a car slammed into the stairs. 

Tenants at this #LasVegas apartment complex say the stairs at their building were hit by a car and removed on Sunday morning. Neighbors say people are using a ladder and a chain to get upstairs. They want answers as to why the landlord has not fixed the property yet @8NewsNow pic.twitter.com/YrDOhUbGDS

— Joe Moeller (@joemoeller44) February 18, 2021

“All I heard was ‘oh my god, oh my god,’” said resident Gonzalo De La Cruz. “I opened the door and see the car in front of the door.” 

De la Cruz says the people inside the car ran off.  

Nobody inside the complex was hurt.  

The stairs were removed with the car. Now, five days later, the stairs are still missing. 

Tenants do not know why the stairs are still gone.  

“If there is a fire, it is a life and death situation,” De La Cruz said. “This should have been fixed that day.”  

When 8 News Now reached out to the landlord Thursday, they told us they recently took over the building and are currently looking for a place for the upstairs tenants to live. They expect to start repairs Friday at the latest.  

Tenants rights attorney Dawn Jenson from Nevada Legal Services says you can withhold rent, terminate the lease, or repair and deduct costs if possible. 

“If you proceed with giving the landlord a 48-hour notice and the landlord does not make best efforts to repair or do something to get this fixed then you have a couple of options,” said Jenson. “You do have the right to obtain substitute housing, and if the housing you are temporarily staying in costs you more than what your rent will cost, you then you are entitled to an offset you also do not owe rent for the unit that you usually have.” 

Jenson says tenants running into similar problems can contact Nevada Legal Services to help get guidance.  

Las Vegas Code Enforcement tells 8 News Now they plan to follow up on the repairs on March 8. 

Meanwhile, Metro Police say they are still searching for the driver involved in the crash.