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Family believes squatters burned down their home on Stewart St.

Leah Vandenakker reflects on the home she once grew up in.

“All of my memories, baby pictures, prom dresses, everything is just gone,” she said.

This isn’t the first time the abandoned house next door has caught fire.

In January, another fire was reported at the same boarded-up single story home on Stewart St.

“It’s been really difficult because we knew it was coming,” Vandenakker said.

Vandenakker says squatters have been in and out of the abandoned house for years.

“They cooked there in the winter,” she said. “There was a fire in the backyard constantly.”

The City of Las Vegas installed a temporary fence around the property. City officials were planning on demolishing it before another fire broke out last week. 

“They (City officials) told me that my house has burned down. I just burst out into tears,” said Vandenakker... Read More

Crunching the numbers: How much school safety money could go towards new police officers?

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)  — A cut to dean 170 positions within the Clark County School District, was the budget slash hard around the county.  However, one of the major concerns emerging from getting rid of those dean positions has to do with school safety.  Clark County School Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara mentioned his goals for hiring more officers during a town hall Wednesday night.

CCSD has been looking to boost the numbers in its police department for quite a while now.  During the town hall, Jara gave a more detailed look at his goal.

“We just hired; new police officers we hire, we’re, with the new money will be able to hire ten more,” Jara said. 

According to Jara, that number is on top of the eight that were just hired. 8 News Now calculated the cost of a first-year police officer to be somewhere around $81,000.  So, ten additional officers would cost just over $800,000 next year... Read More

Aviators merchandise reaches new levels of demand

The Aviators return on the road and will be back in Las Vegas next week.

When the team is out of town, their presence is still well-known around the valley. In the latest edition of ‘Flyin High’ the sale of merchandise, hats, t-shirts, and other stuff are important for any sports franchise.

The branding is the key and the Aviators know with the new name and ballpark, comes new revenue that fans love to wear.

8 News Now Sports Anchor Ron Futrell has the story. ... Read More

CCSD dean estimates he’ll have $12K pay cut following elimination of 170 positions

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A dean within the Clark County School District estimates that he will receive $12,00 pay cut should he decide to take Supt. Dr. Jesus Jara up on his offer and teach again. 

After Jara made the announcement to cut the 170 high school and middle school deans positions to fill a $17 million budget hole, the superintendent also said that the deans would not be losing their jobs because there are other opportunities for those employees to go back into the classroom. However, for many deans there’s just one problem — they’ll have to take a pay cut.

“What they told me was that I was going to get a $12,000 cut in pay a year, which is $500 a check,” said Jason Bidwell, dean at Greenspun Middle School.

For Bidwell, that’s a substantial loss in income, and an adjustment he and his family will have to make after being used to making $79,000 in his administration role as a dean.  ... Read More

I-Team: Change in Medicaid policy impacts Nevada families who rely on compounded medicines

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  A Las Vegas valley mom faces a hurdle as she tries to get medicine for her child. It’s due to a change in how Medicaid covers certain prescribed medicines and it’s impacting other families, as well.

You may remember Joel’s story. Paula Cheney adopted Joel and has dedicated her life to caring for him. Their story touched valley residents so much, a handicapped van was donated along with funds for Joel’s care.

But now Paula and Joel face another challenge which is happening to other families. Paula Cheney called the I-Team because she knows this is an issue affecting other parents, patients and families. There’s been a change for medication that was covered by insurance, now making it more of a challenge to get the needed prescriptions.

While that’s being sorted out, people like Joel are waiting and suffering... Read More

Lawmakers worry face-swapping apps could fool, divide Americans

Many apps on your phone allow you to face-swap with another person for fun. But computer and artificial intelligence experts are warning that type of technology— in the wrong hands— could not only fool but divide Americans. 

Nearly 30 years ago, the infamous R&B duo had to return their Grammy Awards after word got out they lip sync-ed to someone else’s singing. 

“Well, we’ve come a long way since Milli Vanilli, haven’t we?” U.S. Rep Rick Crawford of Arkansas said.

Today, lawmakers say a new high-tech way to put words in people’s mouths is no laughing matter. 

 “You can turn a world leader into a ventriloquist dummy,” U.S. Rep Adam Schiff of California said.  ... Read More

I-Team: Man who detailed UFO secrets decades ago helped launch Area 51 stampede

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On May 15, 1989,  KLAS-TV aired a live interview with a shadowy man who didn’t use his real name. The story he told was pretty outrageous, but 30 years later, it is still causing waves.

Bob Lazar’s allegations about alien technology being tested in the Nevada desert ignited worldwide interest and put the then-secret military base known as Area 51 on the map. The I-Team has a look at how far the story has spread in the three decades since that interview.

For the live interview, Lazar didn’t want his real name used. So, he was referred to as “Dennis” during the interview. That turned out to be the name of his boss at a place called S-4, a facility built into the side of a mountain, disguised to look like natural terrain. It would be another seven months before the world learned the guy’s real name was Bob Lazar, but the public didn’t wait. The race to Area 51 was on, and the cultural ripples are still being felt... Read More